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Serving the corporate market has never been so simple. With solution 100% web and commercialized with the service (SaaS), your operator guarantees safety to offer the new PABX technology to the customers. The solution allows up to 100 PABX IP to be created with only one server.

  • Full URA;
  • Service line;
  • Operating table;
  • Digital call recorder;
  • Automatic backup at Google Drive.

Siptek Dialer

This solution has been developed to receive call centers with up to 200 positions (?) and enables integration with CRM and legacy systems. Efficiency and low cost rate are the main features of the Siptek Dialer

  • Automatic Dialer;
  • Reverse URA and intelligent URA;
  • Digital call recorder;
  • Cloud or installed at the call center.

Siptek Softswitch

With capacity to support up to 10 thousand simultaneous calls and available in the SaaS mode with hosting in the best data centers in Brazil.

  • STFC and SCM;
  • Full billing;
  • In-app indicators (Android & IOS);
  • Financial mode;
  • Customer profile.

Siptek Softphone

G729a codec, call recording and available in versions; corporate and call center. Customize with your company logo and provide the most complete softphone available in the market.

  • White Label;
  • Integration with legacy systems;
  • Recordin, Conference, 2 central lines;
  • Balance displayed on screen.

Siptek SMS (Short Message System)

Complete system for bulk SMS dispatch with delivery confirmation.

* No monthly fee or membership.

  • Status of sent messages;
  • Customer management;
  • Specialized support;
  • Campaign management.

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We are specialized in developing applications for telecommunications.
Our portfolio has complete solutions for contact center and internet providers.

Custom development

We hold a development team to perform the customizations that your business needs. Therefore the applications are always unique and featured.

Specialized Support

We offer specialized technical support enabling you to reach us in a simple way, connecting with highly qualified professionals, through your computer or cell phone.

Humanized Training & Service

We are available to assist our clients in all phases of their experience. Moreover, our solutions enable companies to engage with their customers closely, thereby ensuring loyalty to their business.

Solutions with High Scalability

All solutions have been developed to meet a high volume of calls and customers. We are constantly looking for more processing capacity with the smallest hardware.

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